Founded in 1988, CableTime specializes in generating ad sales business for the independent cable operator at national and regional ad agencies throughout the U.S. Our representation of these independent cable operators allows them to have their own “share of voice” at advertising agencies for the media budgets they seek to garner.

Our philosophy is to build good relationships with our partners and customers, and deliver the highest quality service.

We listen to our client’s needs and offer honest and meaningful solutions.

Our integrity is our highest priority!

About Us

Mission Statement


“To partner with independent cable systems, allowing them to achieve the highest quality results in Ad Sales.  We give our cable partners their own “share of voice” at the Regional and National level, thereby maximizing potential Ad revenue.”

Frank Angelo

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Advertising Solutions

Media Buying and Advertisement Placement

Agency and Media Buying

With over 30 years experience in handling local advertising responsibilities for multiple cable markets, CableTime helps you buy cable with a “one-stop-shopping approach.” We’ll complete the entire cable buying process by consolidating research, available cable inventory, and pricing and creating the necessary contracts and invoicing from the smallest one-time campaigns to the larger annual campaigns. We’ll place cable buys on your behalf by individual systems, DMA, state or larger scale multi-market buys.

Cable System and Telco Services

CableTime Ad Solutions, a division of CableTime, offers a menu of services, each of which are designed to accommodate the specific needs of cable operators and telcos for advertising insertion. Whether the need is for a full turnkey setup, traffic and scheduling, or just sales and sales management, CableTime has a solution to fit the need. With more than 25 years experience covering every aspect of advertising sales, CableTime has the professionalism and know how to handle any situation. By employing our services, cable and telco operators are free to focus on their core subscribers business. Operators can immediately tap into national ad revenue generated from national and regional markets in addition to local, and utilize inventory for marketing purposes at the same time.

Full Turnkey Operation

CableTime provides and installs the ad insertion equipment, hires local sales staff, traffics and schedules all commercial announcements, and provides all back office services, from issuing notarized affidavits and invoices to advertising customers, and collection of accounts receivables. – Requires a multi-year revenue share agreement.

Benefit to Operator: The cable / telco operator needs to do nothing more than to provide marketing spots to be aired and receive a check monthly for their portion of the revenue share.

Traffic & Schedule Only

CableTime can provide the traffic, scheduling, and/or the administrative function from their master control center and business office in San Francisco.  Cable and telco operators can manage their own local sales operation. Operators would be responsible for providing their own head end equipment, but would not have to bear the cost of personnel to traffic and schedule ads. CableTime chargers a reasonable monthly fee for this service, with a minimum one-year or multi-year contract.

Benefit to Operator: Save on the cost of equipment and personnel to traffic and schedule commercial announcements.

Local / National Ad Sales

CableTime provides the national sales team and local sales personnel to successfully generate ad revenue for a cable or telco operator. Operator provides and maintains all ad insertion equipment, airing of announcements, issuance of affidavits and invoices. CableTime would be responsible for billing and collections of accounts receivable for the advertising clients they sell to. This arrangement requires a multi-year revenue share agreement.

Benefit to Operator: Cost savings of a sales force, plus the access to CableTime’s sales experience and know-how to maximize potential ad revenue.

Market / Systems

Markets and Systems Information

CableTime has exclusive cable coverage in the following markets:

Sacramento, CA
Abilene, TX

CableTime represents additional cable systems in the following states:
Alaska, Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, New Mexico, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington, Washington DC, West Virginia and Wyoming.

Our Partners

Following are some of our system/station partners for National, Regional, and Local representations:

Advantage, AAT Television, AmeriCable International, BizTelevision, Cable Ads Media, Cable Ads Sale, Cable TV Ads America, Choice Cable, CMA Media, Comcast, KPST TV, Love Comm, Market Specific, Media Services 55, Megavail. Mountain Cable, Northland Cable, PVT, Spectrum, Texoma Cable, and Via Media.

Turnkey Systems

Along with our cable partners with have several cable and telco systems that we do full turnkey operations including sales generation, ad trafficking, inventory management, and system billing.

These include the following systems and their respective DMA: 

Contact Us

If you are interested in cable advertising or need further information on CableTime, our partners, our systems, or our services please call or fax any of the numbers below at your convenience.

Our knowledgeable staff will be able to give you the proper information and help you with any of your advertising needs.

Moraga, CA

Phone: 925-253-0222

Frank Angelo President / Owner

Dede Nieto Vice President Sales

Lisa Luu Business Manager

Michael Lappin Operations, Sales and Research Management

Brandon Angelo Traffic and Turnkey

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