About Us

Mission Statement


“To partner with independent cable systems, allowing them to achieve the highest quality results in Ad Sales.  We give our cable partners their own “share of voice” at the Regional and National level, thereby maximizing potential Ad revenue.”

Frank Angelo

CableTime’s history and what we can offer:

With over 20 years experience in handling local advertising responsibilities for multiple cable markets, CableTime helps you buy cable with a “one-stop-shopping approach.”  We’ll complete the entire cable buying process by consolidating research, avails, contracts and invoicing from the smallest to the largest of campaigns.  We’ll place cable buys on your behalf by individual system, DMA, state or larger scale multi-market buys.

Our extensive research department will zero in on your demographic and geographic target.  We’ll develop an effective and efficient results-oriented cable advertising schedule.

And the best part for you… we handle all your cable needs without any additional costs to your campaign!

Additionally, over the years, we realized that some cable operators were interested in outsourcing the entire ad sales function so that they could better concentrate on the subscription part of their business.  We have therefore begun to offer complete “turn-key” services, giving operators A – Z ad sales administration.  All these systems have to do is receive a check from CableTime each month.

For the media client, we offer complete strategic media planning and buying services.  Many advertisers have taken advantage of our vast knowledge, experience, professionalism, and excellent service in the implementation of their cable campaign.

CableTime’s Services

CableTime management offers in depth experience in:

  • National Sales
  • Regional Sales
  • Local Sales
  • Turnkey Advertising Solutions
  • CableTime knows the San Francisco and Bay Area advertising community.
  • CableTime is a company of professionals with in depth sales and management experience, integrity, and a commitment to excellence!
  • CableTime has an excellent reputation in the Cable Industry!
  • CableTime delivers, having sold over $225 Million in Ad revenue for its partners!

CableTime’s Tools

  • C.A.B. on Demand Research
  • CableView Data Reports
  • Members of C.A.B. (Cable Advertising Bureau)
  • Strata Media Buying Software
  • Members of Bay Area S.T.A.R.
  • Showseeker – Program Information System
  • Agency/Advertiser Red Books
  • E.D.I. Capabilities (Electronic Invoicing)

Our People

Frank Angelo
Background includes Accounting, Business Manager, and Sales in Broadcast TV; 40+ years in Local, Regional and National Cable Ad sales and management.

Dede Nieto
Vice President Sales / Account Executive
30+ years with CableTime. Has 21 years experience in Local, Regional and National Ad Sales and management.

Lisa Luu
Business Manager
20+ years with CableTime. Oversees all business and accounting functions.

Michael Lappin
Manager of Traffic Operations, Contracts and Research
15+ years with CableTime.  Contract and marketing coordination,  sales assistance, website development and operations oversight.

Brandon Angelo
Traffic, Billing and Turnkey Operator
10+ years with CableTime.  Traffic Turnkey Operations. Ad Video formatting. Political research and information gather.